Baba Ka Dhaba Row: Gaurav Wasan Breaks Silence Over Allegations Of Misappropriation Of Funds

Recently, while having a candid chat with RedFM, influencer and media personality Gaurav Wasan opened up about the ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ row, sharing his side of the story.

Pooja Dhar

November 11, 2020

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The Baba Ka Dhaba owner, Kanta Prasad, had shot to fame overnight after a video of his small eatery went viral in Delhi. Kanta Prasad recently filed a police complaint against Instagram and YouTube influencer, Gaurav Wasan, who had shot the video asking for a donation from the social media community, for misappropriation of those funds. Allegedly, Gaurav Wasan has shared only his friends and family’s bank account numbers without this being known by the Baba Ka Dhaba owners. Recently, while having a candid chat with RedFM, the influencer and media personality, Gaurav Wasan opened up about the incident, sharing his side of the story.

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During the chat with RedFM, Gaurav Wasan said that he had helped Kanta Prasad and his wife, thinking of them as his own parents or grandparents, and now they themselves call his tears fake. Gaurav said that for a couple of days, there have been many allegations put on him by people, calling him negative, a fraud, and a cheat, but none of them bothered coming to him in person and asking about what actually happened. He said that people blindly believed whatever they saw on social media and have been calling him names since then.

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Gaurav Wasan said that Kanta Prasad has accused him claiming that the ₹75,000 that was supposed to come to his account has not come yet and he doesn’t know if Gaurav Wasan has transferred the funds properly as he has not given them any receipt. But, the influencer said that the only reason he had gone to the bank with Kanta Prasad and his wife is so that the money remains safe with them and no one tries to misuse their money. Gaurav revealed that he took the two to the bank and gave them a receipt for ₹73,600 in their hands and in their passbooks too it can be very clearly seen that an entry for ₹73,600 has been made on Kanta Prasad and his wife’s name. Gaurav Wasan has even claimed that he is open to anybody checking the CCTV footage of the bank that will prove that the influencer has in fact transferred the entire amount to Kanta Prasad’s bank account.

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