Australian Bushfire Worsens, Threatens Fraser Island’s Ecosystem

The Australian bushfire is worsening with every passing hour. Australia’s iconic Fraser Island is suffering immensely due to this bushfire.

The Australian bushfire is creating a havoc at Fraser island. Since the bushfire is spreading at a high rate, Fraser Island residents have been evacuated from the area. This ongoing bushfire was reportedly sparked due to an illegal campfire. Find out more details about this story below.

Australia’s Queensland is suffering immensely due to the ongoing bushfire. The ongoing bushfire has led to many people being evacuated immediately from the World-heritage listed Fraser island. The situation in the island has become a matter of national concern in the country. Many firefighters are continuously working hard to reduce the spread of the fire and protect the existing ecosystem of the island.

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This intense bushfire has reportedly blacked the northern side of the island. Emergency services are continuously working to evacuate people from the bushfire affected areas. This bushfire started 7 weeks ago due to an illegal campfire. 90 personnel and 17 aircrafts have been working on the island to control the spread of the bushfire. A large air tanker is being used to drop water on the affected areas.

Another air tanker is on its way to control the situation. While addressing the media, Queensland’s Minister for Fire Mark Ryan revealed that it has been a “tough day” for them. He assured that all measures are being taken to handle the Fraser Island bushfire. The emergency services are currently tending to 40-50 fires at the moment. Queensland’s Fire Commissioner revealed that Fraser Island has not received any rains for some time. This has resulted in the island’s land becoming extremely dry. He also added that strong winds have been a catalyst in the spread of the bushfire.

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Air attack is being used to drop millions of litres of water on the affected areas. But these efforts are receiving resistance from the increasing temperature and the dry land present on Fraser Island. Increase in temperature has intensified the bushfires. Australian government has been warning that the country has been suffering longer and warmer summers. Australia’s last summer was even deemed, ‘black summer’. The last bushfire that Australia suffered resulted in the rise of the temperature. It ended up burning 33 million hectares of land and killed 33 people. Over a billion animals were also killed in this bushfire.

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