Attarintlo Akka Chellellu 14 February 2020 Written Update: Dharani Feels Sorry For Aditya

In the latest episode of Attarintlo Akka Chellellu, Aditya’s unending efforts to impress her make Dharani apologetic. Read the full update here

Sneha Bale

February 14, 2020


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Earlier in Attarintlo Akka Chellellu, Dharani finds out that Priyamvada had been torturing the accountant, by his father. She feels at ease as she knows about the enemy. Shobhan Raju finds that one can kill people with the help of some leaves. He asks his inmates to play out an act and feels satisfied for having crafted the perfect plan. He narrates it to Priyamvada, who promises not to fail this time. Dharani reaches home and asks Vedavati to take rest.

Watch the latest episode here:

In today’s episode, Dharani leaves the place of Pooja for a few minutes when someone calls her. Priyamvada takes this opportunity to extinguish the Deepam. To her misery, Priyamvada falls on the last step of the staircase and hurts herself. Before she could stand up, Dharani comes back and tells her that it was she is the one who poured oil on the stairs. She also tells Priyamvada to go back to her room and take care of herself, in a taunting way.

Aditya paces back and forth in the house wondering of ways to ensure Dharani loves him. He uses google to find some strategies and decides on applying them. So, he calls Dharani and takes her to their room. He asks her to sit on the bed and himself sits on the ground. He asks her what she wants from him and this compels Dharani to think deeply. She wonders how a man could love someone so selflessly. She feels apologetic for being unable to return the love he has for her. She caresses his face he but tries to brush her off.

Priyamvada and Hamsa in Akka Chellellu
Priyamvada and Hamsa in Akka Chellellu

After some time, Dharani goes into the kitchen, calling out to Hamsa. Meanwhile, Priyamvada takes the poisonous liquid and asks Hamsa to mix it with the milk. When Dharani approaches closer, Priyamvada drags Hamsa out of the way and shuts her mouth. Dharani is happy to see that Hamsa has kept the glass of milk ready and takes it to Vedavati. There, before Vedavati could take a sip, Priyamvada intervenes by blaming Dharani for poisoning the milk. Vedavati seems shocked, beyond her wits, but turns grim when Hamsa agrees with her.

Read the full written update for the previous episodes here. Watch more episodes of Attarintlo Akka Chellellu on ZEE5, before TV.

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