Attarintlo Akka Chellellu 13 November 2019 Preview: Dharani Loses Her Track

In the upcoming episode of Attarintlo Akka Chellellu, Dharani loses her track while talking to Aditya as Mata Ji. Read more about it here

Sneha Bale

November 12, 2019


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Earlier in Attarinlo Akka Chellellu, Aditya goes to a Swamy Ji for some solution but he happens to be a fraud. Dharani decides to turn the tables around and pays the fraud Rs. 500 and gives him a number for Aditya to call and meet. She asks F2 to create a set up where Aditya could come and meet them, while they disguise themselves. Shravani is unhappy to know that Aditya holds 42% shares but asks Vikram to stay positive for the board meeting. He promises her that the next agenda is their marriage. Aditya is awestruck to see Mata Ji’s magic.

Watch the previous episode here:

In the next episode, Dharani repeats the problems that Aditya is facing in his life. But while going with the flow, she loses her track as the Mataji. F2 tries and snaps her back to their made-up reality.

Everyone in Akka Chellellu
A still from Akka Chellellu

Read the full written update for the previous episodes here. Watch more episodes of Attarintlo Akka Chellellu on ZEE5, before TV.

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