Atkan Chatkan: Guddu And His Friends Teach Us A Lesson About Hope #DreamItLiveIt

Atkan Chatkan is a heartfelt movie that will awaken your ability to hope.

Janhvi Sharma

September 10, 2020


3 min


Atkan Chatkan is a ZEE5 film directed by Saumyy Shivhare and presented by veteran composer, singer, and music producer A. R. Rahman. The movie was released on 5 September 2020 on the occasion of Teacher’s Day. The storyline of the movie is about Guddu, a young boy who delivers chai and works all day to give a better life to his younger sister. Guddu loves music and aspires to become a musician, but due to lack of financial help, he is unable to learn the art. Guddu’s friends, who also earn money by dancing or singing on the streets, decide to form their own band.

Lydian Nadhaswaram essays the role of Guddu in the movie. Lydian is known as a talented pianist and A. R. Rahman’s protege. Apart from Lydian, other actors who essay pivotal roles are Amitriyaan as Guddu’s father, Sachin Chaudhary as Chuttan, Yash Rane as Madhav, Tamanna Dipak as Meethi, and Ayesha Jatin as Lata.

The poster of the film (Source: Twitter)

Shivamani shares, “As kids, we have always been a little lost and looking for hope for our bizarre dreams that only make sense to us at that age, just like Guddu. ZEE5 just released the trailer of Atkan Chatkan. It is an amalgamation of these four kids’ burning desire to fulfil their dream. A musical that will take you on a rhythmic journey of hope and dreams. We all need a bit of hope at this time.” Hope is a powerful thing that inspires people to do magic in their lives.

The film reminds us that to make music, one does not need proper instruments or formal training. Music is in everything and everywhere. The burning passion that these kids have in life is worth emulating, especially during a time when we are stuck at home and have lost hope in everything. Atkan Chatkan is an eye opener sorely needed in today’s world.

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