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Asim Riaz Finally Breaks His Silence And Gives A Clarification On Social Media – READ


December 28, 2021

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The actor, model, and rapper who has also been a former BB13 runner up and is loved by his fans and netizens a lot, Asim Riaz has finally broken his mum on the controversial tweet because of which SHAME ON ASIM RIAZ trended on social media

We all know how Asim Riaz’s indirect and cryptic tweet about people seen dancing at parties and also moving on so quickly after the loss of their loved ones, didn’t settle down well with the ardent Shehnaaz Gill and SidNaaz fandom on social media who thought that it had been directed towards the renowned diva Shehnaaz as it felt like the tweet had been directed towards Shehnaaz for going at her manager’s engagement party and finally trying to move on from the untimely demise of her late rumored boyfriend Sidharth Shukla for whom she was mourning his loss from past many months and then these fans made sure to start a new trend for insulting the rapper Asim Riaz with the hashtag SHAME ON ASIM RIAZ that started trending this from past so many hours to an extent that it is still seen as the top trend on microblogging site Twitter.

After facing the wrath and ire of the Shehnaaz Gill and SidNaaz fans together, now finally the actor has broken his silence on the same and took to his official Twitter account for clarifying the reality that his tweet which erupted such a huge controversy on social media was not meant for Shehnaaz Gill at all in the first place.

His latest tweet seemed like he was taking a potshot and indirectly mocking Shehnaaz Gill for moving on from Siddharth’s death and dancing happily at her manager’s engagement bash recently and which is the reason that he got lashed out on by the Shehnaaz fans on social media to this extent brutally that now he has given a written statement that asserts how his tweet was meant for his friends and not for Shehnaaz at all.

His note stated that how he has lost one of his good friends within the last month at Jammu and his friends are currently out partying at Goa and now that he has gotten embroiled in this controversy then he also needs to clear it since he was telling it to his bunch of friends and not to those who they all are assuming and also urged them all to remember that if he wants to say something then he has guts to say it by being upfront since even he has his close ones as well around him which includes his homies as well so they all should stop targeting and also creating filthy scandals by taking sympathy.

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