Ashika Ranganath Was Floored After Listening To The Narration Of Thayige Thakka Maga

The talented actress also spoke about her journey with director Shashank for whom she had auditioned before but didn’t get the part. More deets here.

Parinika Uchil

May 17, 2019


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For Ashika Ranganath, who was paired opposite Krishna Ajai Rao as Saraswathi in Thayige Thakka Maga, making an impression on director Shashank was absolutely imperative. You see, the Raambo 2 actress had earlier auditioned for Shashank’s Mungaru Male 2 but it was a failed cause because the director thought she appeared too young for the character than what was needed.

In an interview with a leading media firm, she also mentioned that after that incident, she and the director were constantly in touch. During the time when she was shooting for Raambo 2, Shashank contacted her about a role in his next project. As she was a little pre-occupied at the time, she did not give a response immediately but as soon as she freed herself from other commitments, she got in touch with him. Owing to the fact that director Shashank writes his female characters with some powerful and chunky roles, she always had a wish to work with him and this was the perfect opportunity for her.

Unlike before, now that Director Shashank knew that she was caught up with other projects he was a bit sceptical about whether she will be able to give quality time for the film, that’s when she started asking more details about the name and the character she would be playing. Especially after knowing that the film was all about a mother-son duo, Ashika was very confused about what her role would be in the film. The actress said, “I couldn’t understand the need for a heroine, but he reassured me that all my doubts would be cleared once I heard the story and that I would realise why I was apt for the character.”

After listening to the narration of the story, however, she was positively speechless. Her reason for accepting the role was that the film not only had a wonderful story but according to her had also well chalked out characters. Because of this, nothing seemed like a forced insertion to Ashika. Her character was an integral part of the story without which the narrative could not move ahead. Also, since there was a lot of scope for an emotional performance, Ashika was hooked and that is when she was convinced that she was destined to be a part of the film.

According to the actress, her role of Saraswathi, who is a musician by profession, is very different from the other roles she has played till now, which is obviously awesome for us fans, right? This also proved to be a boost in her career. Ashika felt the need to grab a meaty role like in the film Thayige Thakka Maga in order to give her career a boost. As the film contained a nice family drama and a love story, she thought it would be a very interesting combination. Lastly, it was her first film with Ajai Rao, so it appealed to her on multiple levels. How cool is that?

Towards the end, she spoke fondly about her experience with Sumalatha Amabareesh and Krishna Ajai Rao too. “I am lucky and blessed to have a veteran like her speak about the importance in a film that centres around the thayi and maga. Performing with her and Ajai sir was quite an experience for me, because so far in my career, I have never had to stray far from how I am in real life and be my cheerful bubbly self onscreen. In Thayige Thakka Maga, I had to be a more strong and mature character,” the Raambo 2 actress said.

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