As Black Widows Star Raima Sen Turns 46; Here Are 5 Lesser Known Facts About Her That Fans Would Love To Know

Black Widows actor Raima Sen is celebrating her 46th birthday on November 7, 2020. So to celebrated this Bengali beauty’s birthday here are five lesser known facts about her.

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November 6, 2020

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Bollywood actor Raima Sen is celebrating her 46th birthday on November 7, 2020. The Black Widows actor has worked in many regional and Bollywood films over the years. Raima has created a special place for herself in Bollywood as well as in the Bengali film industry. So to celebrate the Black Widows star’s birthday, here are some lesser-known facts about the Chokher Bali actor.

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  1. Raima Sen is related to Maharani Gayatri Devi

    Raima Sen is no stranger to the film industry. But apart from being a part of the Sen film family, Raima Sen also shares a royal bloodline. Raima Sen’s paternal grandmother is the elder sister of Maharani Gayatri Devi.

  2. Raima Sen’s film screened at Tisch School of Arts

    Raima Sen has delivered many successful Bengali films at the box-office. Her film, Hrid Majharey was based on Shakespeare’s play Othello. This critically acclaimed film was then screened at NYU’s Tisch School of Arts in 2015. Furthermore, it was also included in their PhD in Cinema Studies.

  3. Raima Sen’s quirky nicknames

    Bengali families are known for giving many quirky nicknames to their kids. Some of these nicknames have even found a place in mainstream Bollywood movies. According to TOI’s report, even Raima Sen has a quirky nickname. Her most popular nickname is “Dolu”. Some of her close friends even call her Dolls or Dolly.

  4. Raima was offered to portray Suchitra Sen in Mahanayak

    As mentioned earlier, Raima Sen belongs to a film family. Reportedly, she was offered to play the role of her grandmother legendary actor Suchitra Sen in Birsha Dasgupta’s critically acclaimed series Mahanayak. But Sen declined the role due to scheduling issues.

  5. Raima Sen is a foodie

    Yes, you read that right, this Black Widows actor is die-hard foodie. Reportedly, Raima’s love for food is not news to her friends and family circles. Sen loves to eat Bengali street food and is a sucker for Phuchkas and Jhaalmuri.


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