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Aryan Khan Arrest Case: Time To Decode Some Shocking Facts From The Drug Bust Case Which Led To Aryan’s Arrest


October 6, 2021

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Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was not found in possession of any drugs but is still in custody. Here are some shocking facts decoded about the drug bust case that will surely blow your mind

Here’s a quick recap of Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan’s arrest case which has loaded up the internet with minute-by-minute news of the case. The team of NCB lead by Sameer Wankhede raided a cruise whose rave party commenced late at night that was going to Goa. After the raid, Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan, Arbaz Seth Merchant, Munmun Dhamecha, and others were caught during this raid. After the first hearing of the court and listening to both sides, a decision was made where the NCB got the custody of Aryan and others until Oct 7.

In this whole process, some facts which have surfaced are that Just because he was not found in possession doesn’t make him innocent. There is incriminating material found through WhatsApp chats with drug peddlers. There is an investigation about the payment modes and the several codes which were used. All the accused need to be confronted. The international transactions need to be investigated. The person may not be found with commercial quantity but then custody is required to find out the chain or links. Where is the financing made, who is the source, all this needs to be found out said solicitor Anil Singh from NCB.

Vivek Sood, senior lawyer, Delhi High Court, who has been a defense lawyer in many cases related to narcotics, said that In 2001, the NDPS Act was amended to distinguish quantities of drugs. Prior to 2001, there was no classification regarding the number of drugs. Let’s say before 2001 if I had 1gram of drugs I would be equated with someone who had 1000kg of drugs. There was no classification between the quantity which was found in possession of a person and it created a lot of difficulties. Consumers would be equated with traffickers.

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Now you have a classification of quantities (as per NDPS Act), and punishment varies depending upon the quantities – whether it is a small quantity for consumption or commercial quantity for trafficking. The law differentiates between consumers and traffickers. The argument that consumers of drugs should only be treated as victims and should not be punished is about the legalization of drug consumption. In my view, they should be seen as quasi-victims and should be punished, otherwise, youngsters will go berserk with consumption.

Aryan Khan isn’t granted bail as the NCB has found discriminating evidence which points toward an international link, procuring drugs in bulk.

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