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Aryan Khan Arrest Case: Here Are 10 Factual Arguments Made By Shah Rukh Khan’s Son In Court


October 8, 2021

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Ever since Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan’s name popped up in the Mumbai cruise drug bust case, here are 10 arguments made by Aryan that will keep you thinking

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was arrested by the NCB team lead by Sameer Wankhede. The team raided the Mumbai Cruise which was heading to Goa. They also seized a good quantity of drugs on Saturday October 2. Ever since the media has kept a keen eye on the latest update. Amidst all of these things, here are 10 shocking statements made by Aryan Khan which will make you question the honorable court’s decisions and the NCB’s working ways.

The first one was done says that confrontation cannot be grounds of custody.

The second says that there are a series of chat between Aryan Khan and Pratik Gaba but there is nothing about rave party. The NCB is investigating a rave party.

The third says that whatever The NCB Officials found on Aryan Khan’s phone, they arrested Aryan Khan.

The fourth says that there was absolutely nothing done as far as Aryan is concerned.

The fifth claims that The NCB didn’t confront Aryan Khan for two nights but why wouldn’t Aryan co-operate with the officials?

The sixth said that after Achit Kumar’s arrest, the NCB could’ve confronted Achit infront of Aryan Khan and Arbaz Seth Merchantt. The NCB hasn’t done that.

The seventh one makes Aryan question the time it requires to download chats. Tomtomming from the rooftops doesn’t make it a conspiracy. Aryan Khan’s and Achit Kumar’s chats are all about football and has no relationship with drugs.

The eighth claims that Aryan didn’t have any connection with the organisers. He accepted that Arbaz Seth Merchantt and Aryan are good friends but Aryan doesn’t have any connection with Arbaaz’ activities.

The ninth says that people who are put in judicial custody can be confronted when required.

The tenth statement claims that why is custodial interrogation necessary? The NCB team could’ve confronted him today too.

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These statements are sure to put you in a dilemma of why is Aryan Khan still in jail and weather someone is trying to frame him. Aryan Khan was recently escorted to Arthur jail. The netizens following this case want truth to prevail and the one who is guilty be punished.

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