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Arya of Jamuna Dhaki and Torsha of Mithai have strikingly similar evil personality traits

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March 9, 2021

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Jamuna Dhaki’s Arya and Mithai’s Torsha share some really evil character traits and are seen making good use of them in order to make other people’s lives difficult!

Zee Bangla’s popular serial Jamuna Dhaki stars Sweta Bhattacharya as Jamuna and Rubel Das as Sangeet while, Mithai stars Soumitrisha Kundu as Mithai and Adrit Roy as Siddhartha Modak in lead roles. We have all seen many women who try to bring down other women. Arya and Torsha definitely fall in that category. Arya has been a constant source of chaos in Sangeet and Jamuna’s life. Torsha, on the other hand, seems to do the same in Siddhartha and Mithai’s life. Apart from this also, we think these two antagonists have a lot in common.

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There is no end to their respective evil plans when it comes to Torsha and Arya. Arya has been hatching plans to separate Jamuna and Sangeet since they both got married. She, along with Sangeet’s aunt, uncle, and cousin sister, has tried many times to disrupt the peace and harmony of the Ray household. When it comes to Torsha, she has very recently taken a liking to the method of chaos like Arya. Torsha not only wants Mithai to leave Siddhartha but also dislikes the members of the Modak family. Arya and Torsha are quite the evil twins in our opinion.

Arya in Jamuna Dhaki
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Obsessive in nature

The most prominent similarity between Arya and Torsha is how obsessed they both are, about Sangeet and Siddhartha respectively. Arya’s love for Sangeet has now taken a rather scary turn and she seems to have gone out of her mind. She has taken numerous extreme steps from trying to get Jamuna killed to getting her kidnapped and keeping her captive in a mental hospital. Torsha is clearly following Arya’s steps and has started her own acts of insanity by brainwashing Siddhartha and plotting against Mithai with her mother.

Torsha in Mithai
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Looking down upon the less privileged

Both Jamuna and Mithai belong to the less privileged section of the society as compared to Arya and Torsha. Torsha has called Mithai an opportunist and a gold digger in many instances and has always tried to provoke Siddhartha against her. Arya too is no less, as she and Ragini have tried to demean Jamuna in many instances because of her profession of a dhaki.

Arya in Jamuna Dhaki
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Extremely interfering

Sangeet and Jamuna are happily married and are in love with each other, but they hardly get to experience marital bliss as Arya is always trying to create a rift between the two. Arya’s constant interference between Sangeet and Jamuna has been tolerated for a long time, and we hope she stops this behaviour soon. Torsha has also made up excuses and has shifted to the Modak household in order to be closer to Siddhartha and be a constant hindrance in the relationship of Mithai and Siddhartha.

Torsha in Mithai
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True drama queens

We have all come across people who love creating drama in their lives in order to seek attention. Well, Arya and Torsha fit in that category with ease. They have come up with many ideas in order to prove their innocence or to draw attention towards themselves. Torsha attempted suicide after the marriage of Mithai and Siddhartha and later she even created many scenes in the Modak household in order to gain Siddhartha’s sympathy. Arya, on the other hand, can be referred to as the queen of drama. From wearing Jamuna’s sarees to challenging Jamuna for a dance faceoff, she has done it all. We can all agree that their unique dramas have kept us all quite entertained.

Arya in Jamuna Dhaki
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