Aruna Irani: My Family Pressures Me To Stop Working And The Fear For Life Keeps Me Away As Well

Aruna Irani has been away from work ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started. Now that the lockdown rules have been relaxed, she wants to begin work again, but she is still scared for her life


September 15, 2021


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Aruna Irani has been one of the most inexhaustible actresses in Bollywood. From being the leading lady in films to playing character roles to make a huge splash on TV and going on to even produce some of the biggest shows, she has done it all. Nothing could stop her, and she was just going on and on with various projects. However, ever since the pandemic started, she has been keeping herself safe at home.

Now with the shooting limitations having been relaxed, is she planning to go back out there and work again? Talking to TOI, she said that it will take time for us to bounce back to normal and get back on the sets. Considering her age, she feels this is not the right time to step out and work. Sometimes, she feels like she should start working again but fear for life keeps her away from taking up any new projects. She even gets pressured by her family members to stop working and she completely agrees with them because they care for her. They feel she has done a lot of work so far and now it’s time for her to take a breather, which even she feels is right. But at times, she feels bored sitting at home. There is a lot of work around me but she can’t take any projects right now. At least till December this year, she won’t be signing any new shows or films.


She took her second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine recently, but would still want to wait it out for some more time before heading out to work.

Aruna has been staying away from the camera since the pandemic’s lockdown began. The actor has starred in numerous films and television series over the years. She recently opened up about her absence from the screen and said that given her age, she’s unwilling to return to the sets. She added that her family is also pressuring her to retire.

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