Artist Creates Medusa In A New Light To Honour #MeToo Campaign

The statue of the wronged Medusa was unveiled in New York to give a new perspective to her story and enable women empowerment by making this a symbol of the #metoo movement

Raghav N

October 15, 2020

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A new sculpture revealed in New York City has gained momentum as the symbol of the world-famous me too movement. The statue called ‘Medusa With The Head Of Perseus’ was unveiled outside the judicial court where Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was convicted for his sexual abuse against scores of women.

The installation created by artist Luciano Garbati is an attempt to bust the myth around the historic character of Medusa, originally written by Roman poet Ovid. According to him, Medusa who was a victim of rape by Poseidon, was turned from her beautiful self to a serpent-headed ugly figure by Goddess Athena. In the poem, the hero Perseus described Medusa’s punishment as well-deserved, as he eventually executed her and held her decapitated head in his hand.

With this statue, the artist has turned the script with the cursed Medusa holding the head of her killer Perseus in her hand. Bek Anderson, the project founder called this a great initiative, adding that this is symbolic of women empowerment across the world.

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