Artificial Skin To Be A Game Changer For Indian Army

The Indian army will soon be provided with an artificial uniform that will help them to be invisible.

Isha Khatu

December 15, 2020

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The Indian and Chinese army have been facing each other for more than 8 months now on the borders of Ladakh. China is making its troops stronger by using different scientific techniques. However, the Indian army is also trying their best to level up in order to survive the battle. In the meanwhile, the latest news about Indian army mentions that the Indian Army will soon get their hands on a cloaking skin which will help them to remain invisible while they stay hidden on land.

Indian Army to get their hands on an Artificial skin 

The Indian army at LAC will soon be getting their hands on new uniforms which will help them stay invisible. This might sound like science fiction but South Korean researchers are coming up with a cloaking skin which will make the soldiers invisible by mimicking the external environment where they are deployed.

The artificial skin will have many features which will benefit the Indian army. In high altitudes areas like Ladakh, the temperature drops up to -40 degrees in winter and the area is covered with snow up to 40 feet. The army has to fight battles in such rigid conditions. The artificial skin will have the feature to adapt to the temperature in different areas. If one wears the uniform in winter, the uniform will increase its thermal temperature and if worn in hot regions, it will reduce the temperature.

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The current uniforms of the Indian army are designed according to the different environment they’re deployed in and have different specifications for different missions. For instance, the soldiers deployed on land with forests have the green and brown camouflaged uniform so they get camouflaged in the soil and trees. While in snowy regions, they have white uniforms which are heavily padded to protect them from cold. However, the uniforms are still visible from a distance and have always been a downfall for India. Thus, the South Korean uniform will definitely help the Indian army.

The new uniform will be seen in many parts and can be worn very easily. The soldiers will not face any inconvenience after wearing them in any condition. It is assumed that many countries apart from India will soon get their hands on these too. However, considering the tensions between South Korea and China, India will surely benefit from the newest technology first. Meanwhile, China is upscaling its army’s skills and along with padded uniforms and tents, they have also provided the army with adjust skeleton suits.

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