Arivaan: The Revelation Episode 9 Written Update: Deva Finds Priya’s Dead Body

Hari screams as he can see a spirit and follows his intuition to find Priya. Read the update.


May 1, 2020


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In the previous episode of Arivaan – The Revelation, Ramu reveals that he and Hari worked together for 9 years. But in the ninth year, their office got shifted. Ever since the shifting, Hari started to act strange. He tells them about an incident from 2013 when Hari was electrocuted and became unconscious. After Hari was discharged, he began to experience strange things. While Hari was given a week’s leave to take rest, he goes to the office instead. At the present time, the authorities interrogate Deva as the latter was close to Hari back then. Deva tells his boss that he and Hari are not on talking terms.

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In the ninth episode, Hari tells Bhanu that he has to go to office for an important meeting and does not return home. So, Bhanu calls Deva to check about Hari. Deva, who has no idea about where Hari is, goes to office to look for Hari. Deva is shocked to see Hari at office this late at night. When he tries to take him home, Hari acts strange and reveals that he knows where Priya is. And he takes Deva to the place where Priya is.

Deva and Hari trespass the gate and go inside to search Priya. While they find nothing, Deva convinces Hari to go home but the latter refuses to return home without Priya. Suddenly, Hari screams as he can see a spirit and follows his intuition to find Priya. Despite Deva’s warnings, Hari looks for Priya and they finally find the girl’s (Priya) dead body. Then they inform Ramu about Priya’s death and the cops reach the crime scene. At the present time, Hari meets Priya’s mother. Will Deva be able to explain how he found out about Priya’s location? Stay tuned!

If you are new to the series, here what you need to know about Arivaan – The Revelation. The story revolves around Hari, a former police officer turned barber, who teams up with his estranged godbrother, Deva, in order to nab a serial killer. So, get ready to witness an action-packed thriller-drama as the two lawmen unearth shocking truths on their mission.

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