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Are You Single? Here Are Lucky Colours For Your Zodiac Sign This Valentine’s Day

Jessica David

February 5, 2021

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Himani ‘Agyani’ tells us the 12 colours you should wear according to your zodiac sign to activate your “heart chakra” this Valentine’s Day 2021.

January is over and February has begun! Valentine’s day is not too far! Are you still single? You have a crush or like someone but can’t tell them? Here are 12 colours that you should wear according to your zodiac sign to activate your “heart chakra” and find your love!

Himani ‘Agyani’ is the wife of Pandit Anupam Jolly, who makes an appearance on the Zee TV show, Antarshakti. She, herself, is an astrologer and tarot card reader. The third-eye-awakening is god-gifted to her. She can easily find out the things that are necessary to bring positive results at your home, work, relationships to put things on track. This helps in your prosperity and development.

Here are 12 colours for your zodiac sign –

1. Aries – Orange.

2. Taurus – Green.

3. Gemini – Sky blue.

4. Cancer – Red.

5. Leo – Yellow and slightly towards orange.

6. Virgo – Shades of dark or navy blue and black.

7. Libra – Yellow.

8. Sagittarius – Red or dark pink.

9. Capricorn – Bright tones of white and towards sky blue.

10. Aquarius – Lighter tones of green.

11. Pisces – Milkish white.

Himani ‘Agyani’ shares, “Every person in search of love. So, whatever your sign maybe, your love is affected by a particular colour. Your energy is transited into the environment when the sunlight falls on the colour you are wearing. The colour (zodiac sign) from which you are to find love, attracts you! Your hriday (heart) chakra quickly captures that particular colour. In your inner conscious, there is strong connectivity that is made. As soon as your colour catches the colour of your potential partner, you can improve your love life, they will definitely express their love for you. It is a very positive sign for people who want to ‘propose to their love interest’. For sure, this is a great help for it!”

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