Are You Dating Someone Like Manu From Saheba? Take This Quiz To Find Out

If four or more answers result in yes, then you have found yourself a perfect life partner! Congratulations.

Parinika Uchil

April 19, 2019


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Saheba teaches us a lot of things. From maintaining relationships to working as a guardian angel for someone, this S Bharath film is worth watching more than once. He has done a commendable job in bringing together a good screenplay and the overall look of the film. In the lead roles are Manoranjan Ravichandran and Shanvi Srivastava who play the characters of Manu and Nandini/Aditi respectively.

To know more about Manu’s character, watch Saheba here:

Manu is a shy man, who believes in finding happiness in the smaller things in life. He also does everything he can to help someone gain success, be it for a friend or the love of his life. If you have a partner like Manu with these qualities, he is a total keeper.

Right now, it is quiz time! Gather your checklist and let’s see if your partner is like Manu…

1. Does he support your career?

It is important for your partner to realise that special spark in you and stay focused on having your back. Manu, in the film, does his best to ensure that Nandini gains the much-needed confidence she lacks in life.

2. Is he mature enough to handle your responsibility? 

Manoranjan Ravichandran In A Still From Saheba
Manoranjan Ravichandran In A Still From Saheba

Your partner should always understand the potential that you bring along. Manu does all the work for Nandini even without her knowledge. Informing someone about how much you did for them becomes a shallow thing and should be avoided as much as possible. A partner who does everything for you without being greedy for the credit is indeed a gem that you should cling onto.

3. He is madly-deeply-truly loyal to you?

Loyalty is one of the most important things needed for stability in a relationship. In the film, Manu never even looks at another woman the way he admires Nandini. You are lucky if your answer to this question is an undoubted yes.

4. Can you depend on him for things?

Shanvi And Mano In A Still For The Promotion Of Saheba
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When Nandini is being harassed by some big shots, Manu quietly teaches them a lesson without expecting anything in return. It is important to be selfless in a relationship and you are truly lucky if you have found someone like Manu in your life.

5. Does he show affection towards children?

Throughout the film, Manu is seen around children who are attracted to him like a magnet. If your partner finds himself amidst children every now and then, be rest assured, he will make a wonderful father.

6. Is he passionate about something?

A Still Of Manoranjan Ravichandran
A Still Of Manoranjan Ravichandran

Even though he hasn’t attended an institution of education, Manu is extremely passionate about books. Being surrounded by books all through his life, Manu learnt about various subjects without having to attend ‘school’ or ‘college’.

7. Are patience and he best friends? 

Many women lack patience and often get hyper about situations. Relatable? In such cases, it is imperative that your partner has a bucket load of tolerance for you. If your partner is like this do *touchwood* now.

Because of Manu’s nature, Nandini ultimately had to make sacrifices just so that she wouldn’t lose an angel like him.

How many questions did you answer with a ‘yes’? Send in your interesting scores in the comments box below.

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