Apple Might Get Rid Of The Touch Bar in MacBook Pro

Apple has reportedly been planning to get rid of the touch bar in its next edition of MacBook Pro and the reason has a lot to do with convenience. Have a look at the details.

Sania Kader

January 19, 2021

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Apple has been planning a few changes in the upcoming version of the MacBook Pro and some of them will also affect its overall look. The tech giant will most probably get rid of the touch bar which was a distinct factor in the MacBook Pro series. The move has been coming after Apple received various feedback regarding the ill effects of the touch bar. Some of the users were also of the stance that it took up extra space and also affected the laptop’s smooth functioning. People have been flooding social media platforms with opinions ever since they heard about the update and most people seem to be indifferent to the change.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with details related to the touch bar and its probable absence in the newest edition:

Apple devices come with a bunch of distinct features but all of them do not do well with the users and the critics. According to the video attached above, Apple’s MacBook Pro will most probably get rid of the touch bar which is placed right above the keyboard. This touch bar gives access to users to access a variety of websites and social media platforms with just one touch. People also have the option to customize this set of options and use the space according to their own convenience. Some people have also been using this tab to save a bunch of links that are regularly in use.

The tech giant Apple has been planning on getting rid of the touch bar because most experts believe it is not a necessary feature and is also not being optimized to the fullest. Some websites also require the availability of the brightness and volume buttons, which are currently missing from the MacBook Pro keyboard.

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The touch bar feature was first introduced in the year 2016 with the MacBook Pro edition. Ever since its launch, people have also been complaining that the touch bar results in Apple assistant Siri-related issues which can only be avoided if the feature is eliminated. However, some people have been stressing the beauty of the touch bar and do not want it removed from the feature list.

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