Apna Time Bhi Aayega 14 September 2021 Upcoming Story: A servant recognises Rani and thanks her in front of Vijaya

A servant recognises Rani and thanks her in front of Vijaya. Will Vijaya learn that Radhika is Rani?

In the previous episode, Rani gets the pen drive, but hides it when Veer approaches. When faced with Veer’s questions, Rani lies to him and goes along with him to shop for vegetables. Meanwhile, Jaisingh verbally abuses Nandini and his actions with Champa make Nandini regret defying Veer and trusting Jaisingh against him. In a fit of rage, she also slaps Champa, but it only drives Jaisingh towards her. At the market, Rani helps Veer shop for inexpensive vegetables and promises to herself that she will soon restore his status. Suraj spots the duo and wonders what Radhika is doing with Veer. Later, Rani arrives at Vijaya’s house and sees her frantically knocking on Suraj’s door. When Rani approaches Vijaya, she throttles Rani and accuses her of colluding with the Rajawats against her. Rani spins a false story and her emotional act convinces Suraj, who apologises for doubting her. Rani also tells the mother-son due to find another tutor for Suraj, leaving him panicked. Suraj’s state provokes Vijaya to stop Rani from leaving. However, Vijaya warns Rani to stay away from the Rajawats and warns her of dire consequences for double-crossing her. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Nandini decides to talk to Rani, but stops on recollecting Jaisingh’s warning. Later, Rani tries to convince Vijaya to acquire the disputed land.

In the latest episode, a jubilant Rani tells Vijaya that once she acquires the land, she will become the talk of the town and Rajeshwari will once again be left to bite the dust. Just when Rani thinks that her plan to fool Vijaya could succeed, an old palace worker recognises her and comes forward to thank her. Will Vijaya learn that Radhika is Rani?

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