Aparajita Apu: If Apu and Dipu hit it off, what all might be the consequences?

If Apu of Aparajita Apu was to develop a special connection with Dipu, what could their potential chemistry result in?

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December 3, 2020



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The viewers of ZEE5 can now indulge in a new Bengali television show called Aparajita Apu, which has begun airing on ZEE5 from November 30! The show which stars Bengali actress Susmita Dey as Aparajita, also known as Apu, will follow her journey of life and the challenges that she will encounter along the way. While Apu is determined to make a successful career in the government sector, she is set to cross paths with a boy named Dipu. However, if the two were to develop a romantic bond, there could be some consequences.

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Dipu seems like a considerate, kind, respectful, and understanding man which could result in Apu eventually feeling drawn towards him. In that case, if the two were to end up developing a close relationship with one another, it is possible that Dipu’s family would not approve of her. Having a conservative mindset, Dipu’s family may not be supportive of the open-minded, liberal and outspoken Apu being a part of their family.

 Aparajita Apu
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Aparajita Apu
Source: ZEE5

While Dipu’s family could disapprove of their relationship, it could also result in some trouble between Apu’s sister and her mother-in-law, as Dipu is the youngest son of the family that Apu’s sister got married into. As Dipu’s mother strongly believes that the women of their house should not work outside, Apu’s determination and goals to succeed in her career could become a terrible issue in the future. It could also lead to damages in some other relationships within the family.

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Other than Apu’s sister and her mother-in-law, Apu and Dipu’s relationship could also negatively affect Dipu’s relationship with his own mother. Dipu is a momma’s boy, who loves and respects her a lot. Given their closeness as a mother-son duo, it could cause a huge disruption if he stood up for Apu and her ambitions to be a successful woman.

Aparajita Apu
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Furthermore, Apu and Dipu’s connection could result in failure or continuous troubles if Apu refused to give in to the patriarchal family that Dipu belongs to. Given the conflicts of her determination and the conservative beliefs of his family, it could also result in the two being heartbroken and having to part ways. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see what their chemistry leads to!

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