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Aparajita Apu: Here’s why we believe Apu will set examples for the young women out there

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November 29, 2020

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Watch Aparajita Apu’s Apu grow through the journey of her fight against gender-inequality while being an enormous inspiration to everyone!

Get ready to have an impressive experience as a new Bengali television show named Aparajita Apu is about to start airing from November 30 on ZEE5. This upcoming Bengali serial will follow the journey of a sharp, determined and open-minded young woman named Aparajita (Apu) and how she tackles the issue of gender discrimination throughout her life. While Susmita Dey will be seen playing the role of the protagonist Apu on the show, several other prominent television actors will star in other pivotal roles.

Watch the trailer of Aparajita Apu here:

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This new story about Aparajita, AKA Apu, will be an exciting experience to watch and a strong character to discover for the viewers while she fights the world on every instance of gender bias and disrespect, such as dowry or educational limitations. In a world where these problems indeed an unfortunate reality, a lot of young souls can take cues from Apu’s character on how to choose and stay on the right path. Although chirpy and caring, Apu is a strong-headed woman with an extremely liberal mindset about life. In today’s day and age, there still prevails a lot of such similar issues in the society and Apu’s endless commitment to protect her rights and dignity will act as an important example of not bowing down to such wrongs for the viewers. Her story is also a reminder that the right things don’t always come easy and at times we need to fight for them.

Aparajita Apu
Source: ZEE5

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While Apu’s personality is filled with determination and strength to speak up against injustice towards herself and others, she faces the trouble of having a family who does not understand or look at life in a similar light as hers. Patriarchy in India is no fiction, and while many can’t help but bow down to it, here we have a winner. Like many others in the country, Apu faces gender bias at several points in life while growing up but does not give in to them. She protests against all sorts of such discrimination that takes place around her. Her drive to protest and speak up on what is wrong shall also act as a huge inspiration for other young boys and girls to learn from. Instead of quietly accepting unjust approaches, young people, especially girls, will find a source of strength in standing up for what they believe is unacceptable.

Aparajita Apu
Source: ZEE5

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Apu’s belief that she deserves the respect and opportunities in life just as much as any other male counterpart, keeps her going. Apu’s character leads the fight of gender-equality with an example as she challenges every conservative and discriminative behaviour no matter who it comes from. This also stands as proof of her patience and consistency to bring about a substantial change in people’s mindsets.

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