Aparajita Apu: Here’s how Apu choosing her career over marriage could impact her

Right before Apu’s wedding ceremony, we saw Dipu coming in with an admit card for her job examination. What will Apu choose to do and what will her future hold now?

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February 24, 2021



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Aparajita Apu stars Susmita Dey as Apu and Rohaan Bhattacharjee as Dipu in the lead roles. With Apu’s wedding right around the corner, we had almost given up on all our hopes of Apu’s dreams coming true. However, just before the official ceremony was about to begin, we saw Dipu approach the bride-to-be with a last ray of hope. So although we think that Apu might be able to actually dodge the wedding, we are wondering what it would mean for her future.

Watch what Apu’s new challenge is on Aparajita Apu here:

A new challenge

In a recent episode, we saw a very defeated Apu waiting for her groom to arrive when Dipu knocked on the door. To Apu’s utter shock, Dipu gave her an admit card for a job examination. It led her to feel torn between appearing for the exam or getting married. Even though Apu has not made her final choice yet, we are wondering what her future will look like and how it solely depends on her next steps.

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What if Apu ran away again?

If Apu was to change her mind and accept Dipu’s help now, she will again have to run away for the examination. While Dipu has offered to help her and take her to the exam centre, this decision might be a huge turning point for Apu. While we are sure of her intelligence and immense ability to bag a job that she has dreamt of for years, it might mean leaving her parents and the rest of her family behind.

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Apu’s dilemma

Apu’s father was last seen telling her that he might feel compelled to take his own life if she runs away yet again. While Apu’s determination always seemed unbeatable, we cannot help but wonder if she is willing to risk her father taking such drastic steps. And given how patriarchal Apu’s whole family has always been, it is doubtful as to how much support she would ever receive from them. So, even though Apu might succeed at bagging a job, she might have to build her life without her parents’ presence.

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If married life is in her cards

However, if Apu was to stick to the wedding in order to avoid any more discrepancies at home, especially with her father, life might not look so bright for her. Although we do not know much about her to-be-husband, him being supportive of her ambitions might not have the highest of possibilities. A married Apu might have to let go of all her dreams and instead, lead a life she never prepared for mentally. She could also grow frustrated with suppressing her true self which could affect her married life in the end. Although it is unclear as to what Apu will choose to do next, we hope she takes the right decision.

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