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Aparajita Apu: Here’s how Abola represents women who are age-old victims of patriarchy

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

January 7, 2021

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Aparajita Apu’s Abola Mukherjee is no less than Apu’s father when it comes to the outrageous, orthodox and patriarchal beliefs hat a large part of the society still sticks to.

Unfortunately, we all have often witnessed countless men showcasing extreme patriarchal behaviour around us. But it is not to be forgotten that women of similar beliefs exist in our society as well and Aparajita Apu‘s Abola Mukherjee is a prime example of just that. From getting Supu’s family to pay dowry during the wedding to always belittling women in general, Abola is no less than Apu’s orthodox father.

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Possessing a tremendously conservative mindset, the leading woman of the Mukherjee family, Abola, has constantly shown an extremely backdated approach towards women. Although it is mostly believed that men are more patriarchal, women like Abola Mukherjee, who are no less than them, tend to go unnoticed. Similar to Apu’s father with regards to her belief system about the differences between men and women, Abola discriminates and conducts wrongful practices as well.

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Aparajita Apu
Source: ZEE5

Recently during a post-wedding ritual at home, Abola was seen being recklessly insulting towards Supu. According to Abola and her sister, Abola’s son was taking on a huge responsibility by marrying Supu, which they believed he would fulfil very well. However, they were extremely doubtful of what fate or luck Supu was bringing into his life. They openly called her poor and indicated that she would be a burden to him without even considering the numerous responsibilities women take on for their families.

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Abola believes in suppressing women at all times. Even in a promo of Aparajita Apu, we witnessed Abola being vocal about how the women of the Mukherjee family were not allowed to go out to work. She insisted that they belonged at home and were not required to pursue a career whatsoever. She even made it evident that women of the household only get to eat their meals after the men have had theirs.

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Aparajita Apu
Source: ZEE5

Not too long ago, Abola also partook in another immensely wrongful and illegal act. In absolute accordance with her evil sister, Abola demanded dowry from Suparna’s father. However, being aware of the legal obligations and the crime that dowry is, they warned Supu’s father to not disclose the matter to anybody else from the Mukherjee family. Women like Abola Mukherjee represent the chunk of our society who inherit such patriarchal beliefs and contribute to the problem.

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