Aparajita Apu: Did you know that Apu, Dipu and Supu share a common obsession for THIS?

Apu, Dipu and Supu’s s shared love for cruiser bikes, especially this yellow iconic one, is just too adorable to miss out on.

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

January 2, 2021


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The popular Bengali television show, Aparajita Apu, that stars Susmita Dey as Apu, Satabdi Nag as Supu, and Rohaan Bhattacharjee as Dipu, has a fun star cast on board. Fans often witness them having fun as they spend time with and around each other on the set of the show. Recently, Susmita, Satabdi and Rohaan made it evident that they even share a common love for cruiser bikes as they posed for photos with this yellow one!

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Supu’s behind-the-scenes wedding fun

Initially, when Satabdi Nag, who plays the role of Supu, shared a fun photo of herself sitting on a yellow Harley Davidson motorbike dressed in her on-screen wedding attire, fans fell absolutely in love. Who does not love a beautiful Bengali bride in her gorgeous wedding attire having some fun on a bike? The photo seemed to be straight out of a movie. Her fans complimented her quirk as she captioned the post, ‘#Swag.’

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Dipu was no less

A few days later, we witnessed another actor from Aparajita Apu posing with that same bike. Rohaan Bhattacharjee, who plays the role of Dipu, posted a photo on his Instagram that had a similar swag to it. The actor said that it was not a motorcycle, but a Bobber, in the caption of the post.

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This is how you match with a motorbike!

Soon he posted another fun photo with the bike where he even matched his outfit to its colour scheme. Dressed in the same exact mango-yellow colour, the actor posed with the bike once more for the camera. He made it evident that he had a strong liking for it.

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Apu’s effortless swag

And then we saw our very own Apu (Susmita Dey) share her take on a photo with the yellow Harley Davidson beauty. In her photo, Apu kept it very simple. Dressed in a beautiful white ethnic dress, a pink and golden dupatta, and her massive sunglasses, Susmita looked stunning as she got caught in a candid photograph with the yellow cruiser.

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