Aparajita Apu: As she stands at a crucial junction of life, will Apu take a life-changing decision?

Apu’s unbroken strength and determination are commendable. She is an ideal example for women looking for inspiration and the will-power to win similar battles like hers.

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

January 16, 2021


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Aparajita Apu‘s Apu is currently at a major crossroad in life; similar to ones that countless women of rural India often arrive at. Apu’s father has torn up her admit card and declared that he will wed her off to someone very soon. So now, it is up to her to make a life-changing decision. Although it is a tough challenge to overcome, Apu’s will and determination seem to remain unbreakable.

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A common occurrence

Apu is currently facing a pretty challenging situation at home as her father has realised she wants to pursue a career and is completely against it. This is a very frequent occurrence in many sections of the country that we live in. In various socio-economic classes, it is a rare possibility for a woman to be able to pursue her dreams, higher studies or a career. While most give up, some escape and make something better out of their lives. While Apu belongs to a family that might be well off financially, her present situation is not very different than that of thousands of Indian women.

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Apu’s inspirational perseverance

Apu’s extremely patriarchal father has torn up her admit card, informed her that her only job is to be a housewife and is now looking for a suitable man for her. However, Apu has not given up on the dreams and ambitions that she has always had. Since day one, Apu has been a very courageous, outspoken and stubborn girl who has followed her heart, even if it meant walking the road all alone. And she is doing just that. Apu stands as a symbol of strength and perseverance for young women who are either approaching this stage or are struggling with it right now. Her willpower to not give up on her dreams sets a brilliant example for women who might be in her shoes.

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Source: ZEE5

It is evident that Apu’s mother or brothers will fail to help her now. They are usually in agreement with Apu’s father, and hardly have any courage to speak up against him, if they ever disagree. And although we had expected Apu and Dipu to have bonded much more by now, it seems to be a distant idea. Even if they were closer, we doubt he would have been able to help, given he cannot even speak up against his own tormenting mother.

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Unlike Apu, many women give in to such compulsions by their families to keep them happy. Although Apu’s father does want the best for her, his idea of it does not match that of Apu’s. Thus, it is crucial that one fights for their rights and happiness, just like Apu does, no matter how difficult it is. And not to forget the popular saying, ‘where there is a will, there is a way.’

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