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Aparajita Apu: Apu’s fearless antics around her mother-in-law Abola are a humorous delight to witness

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

April 26, 2021

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The otherwise feared Abola has been spellbound by her newest and youngest daughter-in-law Apu’s amusing antics and interactions with her.

Zee Bangla’s Aparajita Apu stars Susmita Dey as Apu and Rohaan Bhattacharjee as Dipu in lead roles. While Apu and Dipu recently tied the knot, the latter’s mother, Abola, was seen being absolutely against the nuptial, given her strong dislike for Apu. However, following the wedding, a mischievous Apu has managed to leave us in fits of laughter with her hilarious interactions with the otherwise scary Abola.

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A fearless Apu

Recently, when Apu needed a change of clothes, she swiftly made her way into Abola’s room. Despite being instructed not to do so by eldest sister-in-law and Supu, Apu fearlessly encountered her strict mother-in-law late at night and even engaged in an amusing conversation with her.

Abola and Apu in Aparajita Apu
Source: ZEE5

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Apu’s unfiltered blabbering

When Apu entered the room, she ended up blabbering about the most random things to her mother-in-law, from mosquitos and hunger to sleepiness and fearing people and what not! Trying to state an idiom, Apu ended up calling Abola a cat, and the latter’s reaction to this was absolutely comical.

Abola and Apu in Aparajita Apu
Source: ZEE5

Abola’s confused reactions

And the funniest thing to witness amidst all this was how indirectly Abola was responding to Apu during their conversation. Neither could she contain herself from reacting to Apu’s antics, nor could she be as harsh as she usually pretends to be.

Abola and Apu in Aparajita Apu
Source: ZEE5

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More entertainment by Apu!

Although Abola is not fond of Apu whatsoever, it does look like she is growing to like her, even if it is rather unintentionally. The following day, Abola bought a bunch of sarees for Apu, since the latter had nothing to wear. When Abola summoned Apu to her room, another entertaining conversation took place.

Abola, Juthika, Borsha and Apu in Aparajita Apu
Source: ZEE5

Communicating using noises

Instead of speaking, Apu communicated with Abola just by making noises. A confused Abola remained surprised by Apu’s guts and mischievousness.

Abola, Borsha and Apu in Aparajita Apu
Source: ZEE5

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Apu’s witty responses to neighbouring aunties

When neighbours came to see Abola’s newest daughter-in-law recently, Apu indulged in the funniest interaction with them. Abola watched as Apu left them spell-bounded with her witty replies, which Abola mistakenly appreciated in front of her husband later, too.

Mukherjee family & neighbours in Aparajita Apu
Source: ZEE5

Is Abola turning soft?

While Borsha and Juthika both noticed Abola’s growing fondness towards her newest daughter-in-law recently, Apu remained her adorable self unaware of and indifferent to Abola’s care for her.

Abola, Juthika, Borsha and Apu in Aparajita Apu
Source: ZEE5

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