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Aparajita Apu: Apu and Supu’s sisterly love is making rounds on social media and it is too adorable to be missed

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

January 27, 2021

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Satabdi Nag and Susmita Dey have been bonding off-screen too, and their social media is proof!

The Bengali television show Aparajita Apu, that stars Susmita Dey as Apu in the lead role, has been getting a lot of love from its viewers these days. In the show, Apu has an elder sister named Supu, played by Bengali actress Satabdi Nag. The on-screen sisterly-duo have an extremely loving and close relationship with each other and lately, it has been transcending onto their real-life social media.

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Apu and Supu in real-life attires

Susmita, who plays the role of Apu on the show, recently shared a cute selfie with her on-screen sister Supu, played by Satabdi Nag. While Susmita wore a black top with a black and white scarf around her neck, Satabdi opted for a white tee, a brown leather jacket and a checkered skirt for her casual look.

Just too sweet

In another post, Susmita shared a photo from the show, where the actors appeared to be in their characters. In the caption, she lovingly mentioned how her co-actor Satabdi was extremely sweet.

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Similarly, her co-actor Satabdi has posted several photos with Susmita on her social media handle ever since the show kick-started. While Satabdi shared some #sisterlove photos with Susmita earlier, their fans fell in love with their adorable off-screen relationship.

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Poser Sisters

In one of Satabdi’s posts, the sisterly-duo were seen posing against a window with an umbrella for a fun quick photo.

Dressed in their on-screen looks, the actors happily posed with each other and smiled away at the camera.

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Apu and Supu are dancers too?

The duo even danced their hearts away with each other on two different songs on Satabdi Nag’s Instagram reels videos. While Satabdi was dressed in her gorgeous on-screen character’s wedding look, Susmita looked simply beautiful in her staple Indian ethnic attire.

We love seeing our favourite characters being just as close in real life, right?

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