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Aparajita Apu: Will a strong-headed woman like Apu find the companion that she deserves?

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November 28, 2020

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For the headstrong woman that Aparajita Apu’s Apu is, it will be interesting to see who she makes her life partner.

Get set to watch a new Bengali television show. Aparajita Apu, which will star Susmita Dey in the lead and title role, is the story of Aparajita, AKA Apu, and follows the challenges that she faces in her journey of fighting against gender inequality. Although she comes across several challenges and hurdles during the process, Apu stays determined and patient to achieve the things she wants in life. But for a person as headstrong as Aparajita, will there be a perfect match for a life partner who she will ever meet?

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Watch the trailer of Aparajita Apu here:

Apu of Aparajita Apu is a liberal young woman who never hesitates to stand up against the things she deems wrong. Growing up in a patriarchal household as well as society, Apu is presented with several biases on the basis of her gender when in comparison to her male counterparts. Later, when her sister’s to-be-in-laws demand that dowry should be given during the wedding and threaten to call it off otherwise, Apu is quick to call the cops on them to stop them for breaking the marriage. For a woman as liberal and determined as Apu, it would take an exceptionally strong and honest man to be a perfect match for her at marriage.

Aparajita Apu
Source: ZEE5

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Apu’s character seems to be one who would be extremely intolerant of a man of wrongful or discriminative behaviour. She would probably never accept a person with rigid conservative ideals as her life partner. Given her strong beliefs and opinions on gender-based biases which she grew up fighting against, Apu might want a man who is fearless when it came to such matters.

Aparajita Apu
Source: ZEE5

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She would want someone who will not hesitate to speak up against wrongful acts and societal partiality that tend to occur every now and then. Although she is a confident young woman who is aware and proud of her beliefs and strives to make a mark in her career as a woman, it will be interesting to see if and how she ever comes across a man who she feels is perfect for her.

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