Anvita Phaltankar-Shalva Kinjawadekar Reveal Secrets On Who Takes Longer To Get Ready, Who Gets More Irritated And So On

Anvita and Shalva talk about their behaviour on sets and their characters!

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February 16, 2021



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Recently, Shalva Kinjawadekar and Anvita Phaltankar of the hit Zee Marathi show, Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla took some time off from their busy schedules to answer some questions about themselves and their characters. In the current track, Sweetu’s suitor Sushil has been exposed by Omkar to be a fraudster. Meanwhile, Malavika wants to officially announce Omkar’s engagement with Momo without even consulting him on the matter. While Omkar has the herculean task of convincing the Salvis and winning them back, we bring you a sweet interaction between Shalva-Anvita aka Omkar-Sweetu from sets of the show.

Let’s take a look at the answers we got from this adorable duo!

Which one of you is constantly on their phones?

Shalva: Sweetu is!

Anvita: What? No, I’m barely on my phone. I’m usually on the set as soon as I get ready but Shalva finds himself a corner and is constantly sitting on his phone in some corner!

Which one of you gets irritated if the lunch break is delayed?

Shalva: Neither of us gets irritated if the lunch break is postponed a little. Anvita also doesn’t really throw tantrums or get annoyed, she waits and eats whenever. I don’t even realise it’s break time till someone says it.

Anvita: I don’t but if I don’t eat on time, I get cranky! Hangry is the right word for me when I don’t eat on time! I have a hangry face on when I’m hungry and everyone around me can tell that I’m hungry by my face. If anyone says the word break, I go running to them with excitement!

Watch Shalva talk about Omkar’s feelings:

Between the two of you, who makes more changes in the script?

Shalva: Add-ons in the script? No, neither of us do it.

Anvita: We don’t do it, but if changes are made, then it’s usually by our director, Ajay sir, he actually gives us extra stuff! But in that, sometimes Shalva twists words and changes sentences a little. Only he does it, I don’t.

Who takes more time to do their makeup?

Shalva: Sweetu! There’s no question about it, Sweetu takes a lot of time to do her makeup. Obviously, she has makeup and her hair to do and I don’t know what else but I know they have a lot to do. In the time that Sweetu does her make up, my makeup, Chinnya’s and Dada’s make up is done too. We even finish changing our costumes sometimes!

Anvita: I take more time to do makeup. I have my make and hair to do, girls take time to get ready! Boys don’t have eyeshadow and blush, so they don’t take that long. But, I must say, the amount of time I take to get ready, Shalva takes just as long to style his hair!

Watch Anvita talk about Sweetu’s feelings:

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