Antim Premiere: Salman Khan Yet Again Portrays His Gracious Side; Takes Blessing From An Elderly Fan – WATCH

Salman Khan’s long-awaited film Antim recently had a grand premiere with well-known celebs marking their presence. A video of Salman Khan has been stirring the internet as he sweetly attends an elderly fan. This heartwarming video can’t be missed


November 26, 2021


3 min


Salman Khan’s long-awaited film Antim recently had a grand premiere, and all of Bollywood’s well-known names were present on the red carpet. From the director to the leading ladies of Salman Khan’s films, everyone graced the carpet with their presence, and the night was all glammed up. Salman Khan’s entrance was unmissable, and he looked fashionable and sharp. Aayush Sharma and his wife Arpita Khan made a great entrance.

On the unversed, Salman Khan is known for his generosity and graciousness. A video of Salman has recently surfaced on the internet in which he can be seen taking blessings from an elderly fan as he passes by them. Fans flocked to the special screening, eagerly anticipating his film. The old lady keeps his hands on Salman’s head in the video, and then he is seen graciously holding her hands as they both pose for the camera. Salman Khan is a true gem who never disappoints his fans.

‘Antim,’ directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, is primarily about a cop and a mobster with diametrically opposed ideals. A tough cop will be played by Salman Khan, while a feared thug will be played by Aayush Sharma. Antim is a remake of the Zee5 Marathi crime drama Mulshi Pattern. The film is presented by Salman Khan Films and produced by Salma Khan.

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According to rumours, Salman has a dynamic role in this film, with plenty of one-liners and raw action scenes. The film is structured as a good versus evil story, with both characters receiving roughly equal screen time. It will be interesting to see how the audience reacts because they are accustomed to seeing two hours and twenty minutes of Salman Khan in a two-hour and twenty-minute film, but this time there will only be an hour of Salman Khan. Aayush Sharma has performed admirably for the film, not only in terms of physical transformation but also of voice and body language.

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