Antim: Director Mahesh Manjrekar Lauds Salman Khan’s Brother-In-Law Aayush Sharma For Shooting Despite Injury

Mahesh Manjrekar praises Aayush Sharma for his hard work and shooting despite getting injured



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On September 2, Salman Khan took to his Instagram account and dropped the poster of his upcoming film Antim: The Final Truth. Antim also stars at actor Ayush Sharma along with Salman Khan. The poster of Antim- The Final Truth featured Salman as a fierce cop and Aayush as the deadly gangster. Aayush Sharma revealed that he suffered from an injury on the set of Antim: The Final Truth while shooting for the song. Despite being injured and fractured his palm, Aayush Sharma continued to shoot as they were on a tight schedule. Later, director Mahesh Manjrekar praised Aayush Sharma for his commitment and dedication towards work.

In a recent interview with TOI, director Mahesh Manjrekar while praising Aayush Sharma said, “One thing I loved the most is, He was possessed, for him Antim was do or die. He was so dedicated to the character, he became Rahuliya. During the shoot of the song, one day I had to go early and only a few minor action sequences were left, so I went home. Next day, first thing in the morning I got to know, in the action scene, he accidentally hit a camera during a close-up shot which broke his fingers. Since we had a lot of scenes and shots pending to be shot, I was slightly worried, but I was amazed, with that broken hand he finished the shoot. He must have been in terrible pain but somehow he managed. Another thing is, because he fractured his hand, the concern was to maintain continuity, as at that moment he was the Rahuliya of the second half, where he is more ripped, I thought with that hand, he wouldn’t be able to exercise but he still he managed. I knew he was in pain, I could see him tie his wrist and exercise and deliver every shot perfectly. It’s a jarring feeling when your hand is fractured, holding back those expressions to be in character. But he was involved in the role, so immersed in Rahuliyaa that he forgot the pain.”

As Ganesh Chaturthi is just a day away, the makers of the film have dropped a new song ‘Vighnaharta’ today. Aayush Sharma shared a video of his workout with an injury in which his professionalism and dedication towards work can be seen as clear as crystal. Dedicated Aayush Sharma gave a completing mark to the shoot of the song Vighnaharta even if he was injured.

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