Anil Kumar On Filming Raambo 2: The Location Scouting Involved A Lot Of Hard Work

After finalising one location, the director revisited the place only to find a hidden-gem-of-a-view! This led the team to re-scout for new locations.

Parinika Uchil

April 22, 2019


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If you love road trips too, Raambo 2 is a film made just for you. Anil Kumar, who directed this Sharan and Ashika Ranganath starrer, has done an amazing job in terms of locations. For any film to gain success, the director who is the main story-teller has to find locations that merge with each scene. Anil too had to tediously locate places that could sit well with the theme of the movie.

To get a panoramic view of mesmerising backgrounds, watch Raambo 2 now:

Despite having planned their shoot in North Karnataka, the crew had to relocate to another place. In a discussion with a prominent media firm, the director revealed, “Before we began shooting, we had identified several stretches of road in North Karnataka where we could shoot. At the time, the surroundings were dry and barren, but by the time we came back to shoot, it had rained and the entire region was green. While it was beautiful, it was not the backdrop I needed for the film”.

For the same, they ended up beginning the shoot in Goa and travelling to several places in the country for the remainder of the shoot. With almost 70% of the film being shot outdoors, it was a very challenging few weeks with the lead cast onboard.

The Locations In Raambo 2 Have Been Painstakingly Finalised. Don't Miss It
Sadhu Kokila In A Still From Raambo 2

Anil Kumar recollected the time when the whole team was sent to scout for locations. “I needed roads in the midst of dry land and we found that along several stretches in Rajasthan. Similarly, even though the story begins in Goa, we shot some of those portions in Rameswaram, as there are pristine beaches there”, he said.

To make the film more relatable the director clarified, “In effect, we travelled across large parts of the country, but audiences will not easily realise that, as we put up boards in Kannada along the stretch that we shot at, be it Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, or the Indo-Pak border in Rajasthan. The places we travelled to have no connection to the narrative. The only reason we were there was because they had good roads that were ideal for the shoot”.

To Find Mesmerising Locations Was A Challenge Initially
A Still Of Sharan And Ashika Ranganath In Raambo 2

With the added headache of transporting Krishna’s car to all locations, the crew had to maintain patience throughout. A big shout out to the entire team for their dedication in making Raambo 2 a success.

Go watch the film if haven’t done so until now. Sharan and Chikkanna’s comedy will keep you hooked.

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