Angelina Jolie expresses her gratitude to the officers at the Capitol

Angelina Jolie thanked officers who defended the Capitol against the insurgents during the January 6 incident



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In yet another humanitarian move, Angelina Jolie during her visit to Washington, D.C. recently, took out time and thanked officers who defended the US Capitol during the riots earlier this year. On her visit, Angelina Jolie made sure to meet Capitol Officer Harry Dunn and thanked him personally for his service.

Officer Dunn was the officer who testified in Congress against the racial slurs shouted at him and being violently assaulted. Since her visit and kind gesture, her photo of posing with Capitol Officer Harry Dunn has gone viral on Twitter. And fans can’t stop gushing and admiring the actress’ noble move.

A heart of gold

“I’m in Washington, DC, preparing for the reauthorization of the VAWA, FBI reforms, and other essential protections and rights. For years, I’ve visited with professionals to learn about best practises, such as non-biased forensic evidence collection, and to advocate for changes,” Jolie said in a statement. “I appreciate these timely and beneficial conversations with senators, particularly those focusing on protections for children’s health,” she added.

When President Biden was a senator, he introduced the VAWA. The House of Representatives enacted legislation to reinstate it in March. If passed, the measure will provide cash to states that prioritise addressing sexual assault and domestic abuse.

Always for the cause

“Prioritize children’s health and safety in legal responses to trauma, particularly through judicial training and breakthroughs in forensic evidence collection,” Angelina Jolie allegedly asked lawmakers to change the bill to include child abuse. The Maleficent star was thanked by Chuck Schumer on Twitter.

Senator Whip Dick told Forbes that Jolie was very serious-minded about the subject and understood a lot about it. Jolie has been actively interested in a number of social causes. Apart from her successful Hollywood career, Jolie has long been a supporter of a number of charitable initiatives. She has been visiting refugee camps since she was in her twenties and is a Special Envoy for the United Nations.

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