Angelina Jolie co-produces a video to strengthen Afghan women voices

A long-time advocator of women’s rights and education, Angelina Jolie shared a video on the Afghanistan Humanitarian crisis



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Angelina Jolie was named Special Envoy in April 2012 after years of committed dedication to UNHCR and the cause of refugees. In relation to the same cause, Angelina Jolie recently took to Instagram and shared a video on the Afghanistan Humanitarian crisis, this video has been co-produced with BBC. “The Defiant Women of Kabul” Angelina Jolie made this headline on her Instagram post. Although the BBC has blurred their faces to protect their identities, nonetheless, their message is sharp as plain.  

The future of Afghan women, as well as their standing in society, is in jeopardy. Despite the grave danger they face, many brave young women are protesting and demanding their rights. The takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban has undoubtedly put women’s lives in danger and threatened their human rights in new ways. 

On August 20, Jolie joined Instagram and shared a letter from an Afghan woman from that day she can be seen vocal for Afghan women and continuously sharing their situation and taking each and every step to counter her thoughts for them. 

Jolie has been impacting the world since then by taking part in field missions and meeting with refugees in more than 20 countries. Her charitable effort has continued with the establishment of the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation, whose major mission is to eradicate extreme rural poverty, protect natural resources, and conserve wildlife in Cambodia.

She was the first person to earn the United Nations Correspondents Association’s Citizen of the World Award for her work assisting refugees in 2003. The United Nations upgraded her from a Goodwill Ambassador to a diplomat in 2010 as a result of her many years of humanitarian service. Jolie’s extended role sees her focus on significant crises that result in enormous population displacements, as well as advocacy and diplomatic representation for UNHCR and the High Commissioner. She also works with decision-makers on issues of global displacement. She has contributed to the critical process of finding solutions for persons forced to flee their homes as a result of her work.


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