Angela Merkel Visits Kremlin Critic Navalny In Berlin Hospital

Alexei Navalny thanked German Vice Chancellor Angela Merkel in a tweet, after she paid a personal visit to him in a Berlin hospital

Raghav N

September 29, 2020

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel paid a personal visit to Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny while he was recuperating in a Berlin hospital.  Navalny was poisoned in Russia by a Novichok Agent more than a month ago and had to be airlifted to Germany for his treatment.

A spokesperson for Merkel confirmed her meeting with the Kremlin critic but no other details have been disclosed yet. Navalny thanked the chancellor in a tweet and called it a private meeting with him and the family, while clarifying that it wasn’t a secret visit. He also wrote that he was grateful to Merkel for her gesture. The Russian activist-politician was discharged last week after a 32-day recovery period in the hospital.

This show of solidarity by the German government towards Navalny is likely to annoy Moscow. The Putin government has consistently denied any involvement in its rival’s poisoning, while also criticising Germany’s failure to share enough information on this case.

This has worsened the relations between the two countries with the likelihood of the German Chancellor taking a hardened stand to halt the nearly completed Nord Stream 2 Pipeline, that brings Russian gas to Germany.

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