Android 12 Introduces A New Feature, An Easy Way To Share Wi-Fi Password

The new update in Android 12 enables the users to easily share Wi-Fi passwords. To access it, the users need to have Nearby Share enabled in their respective devices.

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February 23, 2021

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Android is known for its efficient programming and its ‘easy-to-use’ features. Similarly, Android 12 has now introduced a new feature called ‘Nearby Share’ that will help users to share Wi-Fi passwords easily. As per the reports, the new feature has been made live in Android 12 developer beta and is now available for download.

To try it, open Settings, get to the Wi-Fi section, select the network you want, and tap ‘Share’. You will get the option to share the network via a QR code or through ‘Nearby Share’. If you opt for the latter option, the phone will look for nearby devices and the person on the other device will get a notification, asking them to accept the share.

The password of the Wi-Fi network won’t be visible for security reasons. But after accepting the request, it will enable the receiver to easily connect to the Wi-Fi network. Reportedly, Android has offered the users to share Wi-Fi networks with the help of QR codes since version 10. However, the new and updated version is more efficient and accessible as the users won’t have to share the codes in person.

To access it, the users need to have Nearby Share enabled in their respective devices. The feature also allows the users to share and receive from Android phones and Chromebooks. The reports also add that not all phones will be able to access Nearby Share. As of now, it is available on renowned phones including Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy series. Also, an add-on here is that the Nearby Share also lets users share apps with other Android devices

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