Anbu Sends Out An Important Message With Mapla Singam That Shouldn’t Be Missed

In the film, Anbu has not been given the chance to take active decisions in life

September 25, 2019


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In Mapla Singam, available on ZEE5, Vemal plays Anbuchelvan, who falls in love with Sailaja, played by Anjali. The central issue of the movie is casteism, but one could say that it is a lighter take on such a serious issue. While there are other actors like Soori, Kaali Venkat and Radha Ravi who add to the comic relief, it is Anbu that comes across as a conflicted one.

Watch the social satire as it presents itself in the movie Mapla Singam.

Anbu belongs to an influential family, but what seems to be the issue with the character is the fact that he has not been given the chance to take active decisions in life. This idea is made clear and is depicted in the scene where Anbu has just come back from meeting Sailaja and is having a deep conversation with Bill and the others.

So, this indecisive nature of his leads him to further conflicts when he falls in love with Sailaja. The issue for him here is the fact that his whole life he has been leading a life under the shadow of his uncle and his friends. As most of his decisions were imposed upon him in the form of care and concern. Thus, when it came for him take an independent decision for himself he falters.

Vemal And Soori
A still from Mapla Singam

Now, this delay and confusion is also caused because of the fact that in the movie, during the initial phase of the story, Anbu is shown as a person who values the blind traditions attached to casteism but when he finds out that the woman he loves is from a different caste, then his life changes and he begins to question the authenticity of these blind traditions. In fact, towards the closing scene of the movie, you can see the change that has come over his personality. He asks Bill, who is a foreigner, to take part in a custom of the village.

Thus, through the course of the story, we see the growth and change of the character Anbu, from a confused individual to a strong character. Do you agree with our observation? Do let us know in the comments below!

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