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Ananya Panday Gets Heavily Trolled As She Attempts To Cook Dishes On A Cooking Reality Show


September 22, 2021

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Ananya Panday got treated like an ‘intern’ on a leading kitchen drama show when she tried to bake a few dishes for her parents but, instead, the star chef asked her ‘don’t you go to the gym every day? The chef told her that her food looked like ‘sh*t’

Ananya Panday along with Anil Kapoor, Badshah, Janhvi Kapoor, Nora Fatehi and Zakir Khan featured on a leading kitchen drama series that is enjoyed a lot by the audience. Its trailer premiered on 8 September and now the episode was recently aired. The show gives a perfect sneak-peek of what happens when our beloved B-Town actors try their hand at cooking for the very first time in their lives.

Now, can you picture Ananya Panday perfecting the art of beating eggs slowly trying to hone her culinary skills just like her acting skills. However, things took place on the flip side for Ananya Panday on the show as she got in for a rude shock. Ananya Pandey came on the show to do something special for her parents, Chunky Panday and Bhavana Pandey but soon realized that she had more to lose than to gain.

Ananya met pastry chef Freny Fernandes on the show, who told her that they’d be making one savoury dish and one sweet dish for her parents and her friend, photographer Rohan Shrestha. Ananya was expected to perform like any sous chef or intern in her kitchen, not even a single item should be above her standards of cooking would leave the kitchen.

As Ananya Pandey was mixing a cake batter she was on the verge of falling and the chef asked, “Don’t you go to the gym everyday?” Ananya replied, “I thought I was fit thanks to all the exercise, but my biceps didn’t come in handy at all.”

The chef wasn’t impressed with her skills and called her food ‘sh*t’ on several occasions, which Ananya didn’t appreciate. Ananya Pandey mentioned, ”Unme Gordon Ramsay ka bhoot aagaya (she got possessed by the spirit of Gordon Ramsay). I’m falling apart, the chef is getting meaner and meaner as the day passes, and my feelings are getting hurt.“

Ananya asked the chef, “Are you ever happy? You’ve literally not said ‘amazing’ for anything yet.” The chef replied, “Because I haven’t seen anything amazing yet.” Ananya hoped that her critical parents would like her food and give her good feedback.

Chunky Panday said that his daughter and his wife have never cooked anything for her but, his daughter Ananya has surely cooked some delicious stories and told her father, the veteran actor said as he was smiling throughout. On the other hand, Bhavana, Ananya Panday’s mother added, “I have no expectations, honestly. And I can’t say much because I don’t cook. So who am I to judge? But I’ll still judge.”

In the end, the chef was pleased with Ananya’s efforts, and said that she was very happy with her.

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