Anandi Gopal: 5 Reasons You Should Watch This Lalit Prabhakar – Bhagyashree Milind Starrer

The film has been directed by Sameer Vidwans. More details inside!

Rukmini Chopra

March 28, 2020


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Anandi Gopal is a 2019 Marathi film, that tells the tale of Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi, who was one of the first Indian female doctors. The film features Lalit Prabhakar and Bhagyashree Milind in lead roles and is directed by Sameer Vidwans. Bhagyashree’s character traces the journey of Anandi and the hardships that she had to endure to become a doctor. Aside from battling the stigma that was associated with women becoming doctors, Anandi also had to face a harsh marriage during the earlier stages until her husband decided to support her journey.

Watch the entire film here.

Here are five reasons you should watch the film.

1. A lesser known tale of courage and determination 

It’s the era of biopics where a lot of untold stories have been put to the fore. Anandibai’s legacy has been put on the map too with this film. Her courage and determination are inspiring and the film does the needful by presenting her story to people.

2. The performances 

With a stellar cast including Lalit and Bhagyashree, you can’t expect anything short of stellar performances. The actors make a great onscreen pair and are memorable with their roles.

3. The direction 

The film is crisp and well put together. Sameer captures the pre- Independence era beautifully and makes sure the scenes flow into each other effortlessly.

4. An era gone by 

Anandi Gopal is based in the pre-Independence era and it is exciting to see how the field of medicine was during the time. From the costumes to the sets, every detail has been carried out perfectly.

5. Girl power 

Ladies if you’re feeling demotivated about anything, this film will lift up your spirits! Anandi Gopal is a courageous tale about a woman’s tough journey and achievements. It is inspiring and will instill you with girl power.

Watch the film above and tell us what you think in the comments section below. For more entertainment, check out the collection of all the Marathi TV Shows on ZEE5 here.  

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