Anand Gandhi’s Mind Blowing Reaction On Seeing Unseen BTS From Tumbbad

Anand Gandhi was surprised to find an UNSEEN shoot footage on the third anniversary of Tumbbad. Check OUT his reaction! The video showed what went on behind the scenes to create Bollywood’s best periodic horror film in recent times


October 13, 2021


3 min


Anand Gandhi is a visionary and his work has shown that time and again. The filmmaker is credited with revolutionizing the type of content that Bollywood is producing and his films like Tumbbad, Ship Of Theasus amongst others have given rise to new and untried kind of cinema gaining more traction. The filmmaker was surprised o find an intriguing BTS footage shared by one of the netizens on the celebratory third anniversary of Tumbbad, from the sets of his film.

Tumbbad director Anand Gandhi took to his social media and reposted an interesting BTS video of Tumbbad. The video showed what went on behind the scenes to create Bollywood’s best periodic horror film in recent times. The director can be seen instructing people on the sets as to what is to be done and how it is to be done as the masterclass was being put together.

Anand wrote, “Wow! Thanks for sharing this. Didn’t even know this existed!” Well, that’s like the surprise and the reaction we all needed just to make the day even better!

Tumbbad resonated excellently well with the Indian audiences and critics. The film was such a hit that it also earned International acclaim. A sequel of the film is in the making which was revealed earlier this year and the fans have been ecstatic since.

Gandhi’s ‘Tumbbad’ is regarded as one of Bollywood’s greatest modern periodic horror flicks. The filmmaker was commended not just for the plot, but for all elements of the picture, which were laudable as the film went on to receive international recognition. At the 64th Filmfare Awards, ‘Tumbbad’ earned eight nominations, winning three for Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, and Best Sound Design. At the Screamfest International Film Festival, it won Best Film and Gajjar Parth won Best Visual Effects. At the Sitges Film Festival, Pankaj Kumar received Best Cinematography, and Rahi Anil Barve, Adesh Prasad, and Anand Gandhi got the Asia Focus Award.

Earlier this year, Gandhi created the programme ‘Ok Computer,’ which was Bollywood’s first sci-fi comedy. The programme was another another out-of-the-box concept endorsed by the adventurous director. More recently, the director supported the political game ‘SHASN,’ and a sequel was published this year.

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