Anaganaga Trailer: Many Intertwined Lives And A Complicated Journey Full Of Love & Grief

The trailer of Anaganaga packs a bit of all that’s coming our way. It’s filled with love, pain, grief, and the role of destiny in people’s lives

Sneha Bale

January 2, 2020


3 min


With the new year setting in, ZEE5 is rolling in with newer web series, for the Telugu-speaking audiences. After major hits like Gods Of Dharmapuri and High Priestess in 2019, we start off 2020 with a big bang. Anaganaga is the latest web series to join the ZEE5 bandwagon, and we’re already looking forward to witnessing all that uncovers in the new show. Recently, the trailer of Anaganaga was released, and here’s what we think about it. 

Watch the trailer here:

The trailer opens with, “Destiny gives us signs to make our life beautiful”, and it ends with, “Give up on me, give up on us, give up on love… But don’t give up on destiny”. That’s how we know what the plot of Anaganaga is. It’s all about destiny. We also see multiple characters in the 1.48-minute trailer. So, get ready to witness the lives of many individuals, who cross paths or are connected to each other by fate. But what exactly does that hint it? Well, we have to wait a little longer to unravel the mystery. 

Anaganaga Trailer Stills
A still from the trailer of Anaganaga

The trailer also focuses on multiple couples. Some seem to be estranged, some are soulmates, some are confused, some are new lovers and more. In Anaganaga, love is really in the air. What it does to people, is what we have to wait and watch. The introductory clip, clearly, leaves scope for many loose strings. Maybe we have to tie it all together once we sit down to binge-watch the show. The series, which features many few faces, also has Monica Tavanam, who was previously seen in Three Half Bottles. 

With a large ensemble cast, it revolves around the lives of 11 individuals, in one city. What plans does destiny have for them? Watch the show on ZEE5, on January 23, 2020. For now, check out Three Half Bottles, which is streaming on ZEE5.

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