An Elephant Plays Cricket With A Group Of Men, Video Goes Viral On The Internet

As seen in this 30-second clip, the elephant is seen holding a stick-made bat whilst enjoying the game of cricket. This video will definitely wash away your Monday blues.

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May 10, 2021

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Nature has its way to mesmerize us with its beauty and at times thrill us with its unpredictable nature. Whether it be natural collisions or animals exhibiting human behaviour, we have seen it all. Thanks to social media and its viral world! In a similar instance, a video of an elephant playing cricket with a group of men has gone viral over the internet

Check out the video:

As seen in this 30-second video, the elephant is seen holding a stick-made bat whilst enjoying the game of cricket. The elephant hits the ball with the stick perfectly and men around are seen indulged in fielding. Within no time, the clip went viral over the internet with netizens showering it with loving messages.

Also, former Indian cricketer, Virender Sehwag has also shared an appreciation note for the elephant. Sharing the video on his Instagram handle, Sehwag wrote, “Inside out over covers. Trunk eye coordination peak. Classic from #Gannu #cricket #incredible.” And again the fun debate began on the internet. While many users compared the elephant with renowned cricketers, a few others claimed the drive to be inspired by Sehwag.

Well, this is not the first time nature has astonished us with such interesting sights. Earlier, a video of a wild rhino flipping the car had gone viral. Amid this incident, the zookeeper driving the car severely injured. Also, a giraffe chasing a car with an equivalent speed had left the netizens stunned. This scene was captured by a biker and had taken the internet by storm.

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