Eight-Foot-Long King Cobra Rescued In Karnataka’s Shivamogga Area

Recently there has been news about an eight feet long King Cobra being rescued in Karnataka’s Shivamogga area.

Pooja Dhar

December 11, 2020

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Recently, the news of an eight-feet-long king cobra being rescued in Karnataka’s Shivamogga area has ben in the know. Read further to know more about King Cobra’s rescue.

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On December 9, 2020, an eight-foot-long king cobra was rescued in Karnataka’s Shivamogga area. The King Cobra had been rescued from a village near the Mandagadde area in Shivamodda. The King Cobra was then released into the forest area to crawl back.

The humans and snakes conflict cases are maybe one of the highest in the man and animal conflict cases in India today. Regardless of them being recorded at such high numbers, they are also the ones that are largely ignored. The most number of human deaths that have been led because of the “man-animal conflict” are caused by snakebites. There was a study that was held in 2011 on the morality of snakebites in India has revealed that there are over 46,000 human deaths every year in India that take place because of snakebites. This number is far higher than those that are officially reported from the government hospitals that are somewhere between 1,300 to 1,400 deaths every year.

The victims of such “snake attacks” are usually the rural crowd like farmers and labourers. Despite the huge number of deaths that take place in the rural community because of snakebites, it is sad that even they don’t give this issue enough importance. Each person knows someone from their family of the neighbourhood who has died of snakebite but they still refuse to take it as a threat. Another issue is the unavailability of the antivenom.

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Recently, there was news about a snake attack that took place in Rajasthan. A British man, Ian Jones who survived coronavirus, dengue, and malaria was bitten by a deadly cobra in the Jodhpur district. He was then admitted to a hospital in the Jodhpur city. Doctors have revealed that when Ian Jones came to them initially, he had typical snakebite symptoms like the blurring of vision and difficulty in walking. But, Ian Jones survived the snakebite and is in good health now.

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