Amrutham Episode 4 Written Update: Amrutham And Anji Are Wooed Into A Ponzi Scheme

In this episode of Amrutham, Anji finds out about a company that doubles money invested, in moments, & tells Amrutham. Read the full update here

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December 12, 2019


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Earlier in the ZEE5 exclusive show, Amrutham, he goes to the office after some trouble with starting his bike. By then, his boss ends up having a heated argument with a lawyer. This results in the lawyer calling the FDAI and asking them to raid the office. When the officers come, they ask the boss to stay in his cabin and ask Amrutham to come along with them into the godown. Amrutham does his calculations and finds out that they have one extra box of dog biscuits in the office. He asks his boss to eat them in order to avoid any problem but turns out, Amrutham calculated wrong.

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In this episode, Amrutham and Sanju talk about money in their kitchen when Anji arrives at their doorstep. After some banter, Anji informs them about the new company that is providing people double the money they deposit. Sanju and Amrutham ask about the number of years one has to wait until they get the money back. Anji clarifies that the company is handing over double the amount of the deposited money in a few minutes. Amrutham believes it to be a scam and does not pay heed to Anji. 

Anji continues to talk about how he got 20 paise for the 10 paise that he gave them. At this point, Sanju starts to show interest while Amrutham continues to ignore. Sanju tells Amrutham that they can try this scheme, after all, they have nothing to lose. Amrutham decides to give it a shot and takes Rs 5,000. Anji does the same and they go to the company. At home, Shanta tells Sanju that she senses something wrong with the company but Sanju asks her to be positive. Just then, Anji and Amrutham come home with Rs 10, 000 each. 

They all high-five each other and Amrutham decides to leave for office. But Sanju asks him to take the day off and continue making trips to the company so that they can be richer by the end of the day. The idea sounds great to everyone and the men decide to follow it. Amrutham calls his boss to inform that he is unable to come to the office because he is down with dengue. They reach the company to see a huge crowd outside, fighting to get double the money they invested. Somehow, they push and pull through the crowd and manage to get Rs 80,000 each. 

Amurtham Episode 3 Stills
A still from the episode

In the crowd, Amrutham finds his boss. He tries to reason his absence in office. But his boss is not bothered. Amrutham allows his boss to stand in front of him. By evening, both are tired and decide to call it a day after the last trip to the counter. Amrutham’s boss takes his money and leaves, but when Amrutham goes to the counter, the person across them closes the counter for the day. He asks them to come back the next day and collect their money. They adhere to it and go home.

Sanju is happy with their progress and suggests that they go early to collect the money. That’s when Anji gets an idea to spend the night in front of the company’s set up. Amrutham is hesitant but gives in to Anji’s pressure. They take a mat from home and sleep outside the office. In the middle of the night, Anji and Amrutham are woken up by the company employees and are asked to sleep inside the office. Anji and Amrutham do that and thank them. But the employees walk out of the office with a chest full of cash. 

The next morning, many people come hounding towards Anji and Amrutham. Amrutham, who was counting money in his dream, is scared and asks people about what is happening. And then they inform the crowd that they, too, have been waiting to take their money. The crowd mistakes them to be fraudsters and beats them up. The two men come back home with bandages all over their bodies.

Read all about Amrutham and watch the latest episode here. For more, check out the latest ZEE5 Original Hawala here.

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