Amrit Sagar New Promo: Sant Maskeen Ji’s words of wisdom will make your evenings blissful

Gyani Sant Maskeen will make your evening spiritual with his precious words of wisdom. Read on to know more.


October 13, 2020



2 min


We all need someone to guide us on the path of enlightenment, someone who can lead us to inner peace. Panth Ratan Gyani Maskeen Ji is one such rare gem who can take you on the path of righteousness with his words of wisdom. Zee Punjabi proudly presents Amrit Sagar, a collection of kathas by Maskeen Ji.

Watch an enlightening episode of Amrit Sagar here:

Amrit Sagar is a religious program where Sant Maskeen explains the meaning of verses from Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji with a contemporary touch. The Sant is blessed to understand the Gurbani so well, and you get blown away when he explains the deep meaning of shabads. Check out the promo.

Sant Maskeen takes his and others’ life experiences and explains the unbelievable miracles of faith. Once you listen to his soulful voice and understand his vision, you will be an avid watcher of this show. Maskeen Ji is the perfect mediator to explain spiritual verses most thoroughly.

So, keep a reminder to begin your evening on a spiritual note. Before watching Khasma Nu Khani at 7 PM, tune in to Zee Punjabi at 6 PM and delve into the deep ocean of Gurbani with Maskeen Ji’s Amrit Sagar.

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