America’s Fitting Response To China’s Troublemaking Ways

The USA Army tested the extremely powerful Minuteman III Missile, warning the Chinese to push back

Raghav N

September 3, 2020

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Following China’s testing of four missiles on the morning of 27 August, the United States of America has now successfully tested their state of art missile, the Minuteman III, in what could be the latter’s befitting response to the Chinese government.

The Xi Jinping administration has been at loggerheads with several nations over its expansionist policies around the South China Sea, Ladakh, Hongkong and Taiwan.

On 2 September, the American army tested the Minuteman Missile, that has the potential to change the course of a war. Commissioned by the country’s army for the first time in 1962, its second version came in 1965 and the Minuteman III was customized in 1970. A ballistic weapon, it can be fired from one continent to another.

It can carry 300 kilo tonnes of nuclear warhead, as compared to the mere 15 kilo tonnes that was used by the United States for the Hiroshima bombing. If the weight of the warhead is reduced, the 18.3-metre-long artillery can target destinations up to 13000 kilometres.

The Minuteman has not been decommissioned by the nation’s forces despite it being more than 50 years old and has neither been sold to any other country ever.

The Donald Trump government has deployed this missile at the Guam Naval Base, close to China. This is a clear warning to the Chinese to push back, or face consequences of not cooperating with the USA.

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