America Seizes A Huge Cache Of Weapons From Iranian Vessel, Tension Between The Two Countries Increases

US Navy has seized a lot of weapons from an alleged Iranian vessel and it has resulted in an increase in tension between USA and Iran.

Debanjali Kabiraj

May 13, 2021

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Recently there has been increasing tension between the United States of America and Iran as Navy vessels from both countries engaged in a direct face-off. Previously, the US Navy had seized a huge cache of weapons from an alleged Iranian vessel.

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Two days ago, US Navy seized a huge cache of weapons from an alleged Iranian vessel in the Arabian Sea. The vessel contained weapons like dozens of Anti-tank missiles, hundreds of machine guns, thousands of assault rifles, and several grenade launchers and sniper rifles. The weapons were so many in number that they could start a war between two countries. According to reports, an American official has said that they belong to Iran. According to media reports, Yemen has said that these weapons were meant for Houthi rebels and that Iran was helping the Houthis continue the devastating Civil war that has claimed many lives.

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After this incident, on Tuesday 13 Iranian vessels came very near to US navy ships and they were barely 450 feet away from the American vessels in the Persian Gulf. The US navy decided to respond to the close proximity with 30 warning shots. The shots sent off the Iranian boats from coming any closer. US President Joe Biden has taken a strong stance against Iran and has proposed to find a permanent solution to the situation in Yemen. He has also temporarily stopped the supply of weapons to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. It seems like despite all these measures the Houtis do not want to end the war as they have rejected the peace proposal by Saudi Arabia and then continued to wage war.

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