Amazon: 20,0000 Workers Had Tested COVID Positive Till September

In an online blog, the tech-giant revealed that it is continuously testing its employees to ensure workplace safety and will be able to test 50,000 workers a day by November

Raghav N

October 2, 2020

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Tech-giant Amazon has publicly shared information on its Coronavirus infected employees through a corporate blog released by the company. It reported that at least 20,000 of its workers had either tested positive or presumed positive for virus threats between March to September 2020, while maintaining that the infection rate was below the general United States population.

The Seattle based organization stated that it is conducting thousands of COVID19 tests daily, that will go up to 50,000 tests across its 650 locations by November.

Amazon and other retailers, along with meat packaging plants have been under pressure to go public with their Corona cases data by labour-backed groups.

The Jeff Bezos owned business has updated several points on its blog giving insights to its endeavours towards workplace safety during the pandemic. These include a thank you bonus, free masks and sanitisation kits for its workers and a two-weeks paid leave for any employee recovering from the virus.

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