Alo Chhaya: Why does Chhaya get hospitalised?

Chhaya has had a mental breakdown! Read on to find out why.


August 26, 2020


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In the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Alo Chhaya, the lead character Alo (played by Debadrita Basu) is trying frantically to stop and out Baban, her brother-in-law, who is wreaking absolute havoc in her life by committing a spate of heinous crimes and destroying her family. The worst part is that no one else in the Sengupta family believes this about him except of course her husband, Akash (played by Arnab Banerjee). To add insult to injury, Alo’s best friend from childhood, Chhaya (played by Oindrila Bose), is also being manipulated by Baban and has even married him! Alo and Chhaya’s relationship has hit an all time low, and Baban has turned his new wife completely against her.

Watch an episode from Alo Chhaya below:

Recently, Chhaya had a very scary mental breakdown, and had to be hospitalised. She had not been sleeping for several nights at an end, and while finally being admitted into the hospital for treatment, Chhaya kept babbling deliriously about how this is all Alo’s doing! She insisted that she did not need medical treatment and just had to go home. She accused the hospital staff of being bribed by Alo. Baban is around to watch this happen, and explains to the doctor attending to Chhaya that she is going through withdrawal symptoms from not taking the drugs that she is used to, for a while.

Alo Chhaya
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The doctor understands what has happened, and instructs Baban to go and wait outside while Chhaya gets treated. Chhaya continues to sob and begs him not to leave. However, did you know that Chhaya’s drug addiction was actually fuelled by Baban? He is the one who first started offering and then regularly supplying her with it! While Baban’s family members totally disapprove of Chhaya and blame her and Alo for all that is happening, they refuse to accept the fact that it is their very own Baban who is responsible for all of this!

Will Chhaya continue to be dependent on Baban and sabotage herself? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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