Alo Chhaya: Akash’s father has a shocking secret!

Some rather dark skeletons have come tumbling out of this patriarch’s closet. Read on!


August 31, 2020


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In the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Alo Chhaya, the lead character Alo (played by Debadrita Basu) has made it her mission to expose the heinous crimes and true character of Pratik aka Baban, her brother-in-law. This is because not only is most of the Sengupta family completely in the dark about it, but Alo’s best friend Chhaya (played by Oindrila Bose) has even fallen in love with and married him! Chhaya is now suffering greatly because of how badly she is being manipulated, and a recent drug addiction that Baban has fuelled. However, she blames only Alo for all this and refuses to hear a word against her new husband.

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Akash (played by Arnab Banerjee), Alo’s husband, is the only one supporting his wife through thick and thin. And thank goodness for this– because now Alo is up against every single person in the house! In fact, a shocking revelation recently came to light. Apparently Tirthankar Sengupta, Akash’s father and the founder of the family’s pharmaceutical business, knew all about Baban’s transgressions despite pretending otherwise, and has been protecting him instead of punishing him. Now this would have been understandable if his only interest was to protect the family name, but the plot thickens and gets a lot murkier.

Alo Chhaya
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It turns out that Alo’s parents, who Alo has been trying to trace forever, are at Tirthankar Sengupta’s mercy! Alo’s father Pabitra was a great scientist who had almost found a reliable cure for cancer, and Tirthankar knew of this. We now know that he has been trying to wrangle Pabitra’s discovery out of him and use it for himself! When a shocked Alo vows that sooner or later justice will be served, Tirthankar threatens to kill her parents if she reports him and Baban to the police! His words to Alo warned her to prepare for their funeral and also shop for flowers during the same trip as the one to the police station! Can anyone beat that? Who knew Tirthankar Sengupta had planned all that is happening very much in advance?

Do you think Tirthankar Sengupta will do as he threatens? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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